Pet Bed & Toy Detergent that ROCKS!

21 Jan

I’ve never really figured out how to wash my dogs’ crate covers, beds and toys. I have a new-fangled washer and dryer with steam settings that are supposed to “freshen up” children’s stuffed animals. But I find that they don’t clean very well. Dog toys and beds are considerably dirtier and smellier than children’s things, so I’m back to square one.

Enter Rockin Green Pet Bed & Toy Detergent. It’s environmentally friendly, with no phosphates or dyes. Most detergents are designed to leave something behind (fabric softeners, brighteners, fragrances). This detergent is designed to wash thoroughly, deodorize, and then rinse completely away.

I received a full-size test sample just after we had put down our Labrador. I had the old girl’s crate covers and beds that needed to be laundered and stored. To tell the truth, they hadn’t been laundered but once in 8 years. She ate all her meals in her crate, and she shed quite a bit. Plus, she tracked in stuff from outside. So this was a perfect — if not altogether fair — test for the detergent.

I followed the instructions on the back of the package. I put my bedding and crate cover in the water and gave them a warm rinse to get the hair off and loosen the dirt. Then I added the detergent and put the load through a regular wash. I did not change any of the regular wash settings. I put everything into the dryer and when it came out, I gave it a check.

The dirt and hair were completely gone. I’m used to having SOME hair still in the fabric. But not this time. The stains were gone. Then I gave it a sniff test. I put my face in the middle of the pad that had been on the floor of the crate and inhaled deeply. I could not smell any fragrances, just a very faint clean smell. I did it again. Nothing but a very soft clean, neutral smell. The beds, mats and crate covers were clean, clean, clean, with nearly no smell at all. They’re folded nicely and ready for use again.

The instruction say that if you’ve got a really bad smell, you can soak the load in 2 scoops of detergent for 30-60 minutes to let the detergent work on the odors and soil. Then you can launder as usual without adding any more detergent. I do not have that much funk to fight, but if I did, I have every confidence that this product would get it out, leaving behind a subtle freshness to the fabric. I don’t have plush toys to try it on because our Irish Setter shreds them. If anyone uses it on toys and would like to post a comment as an addendum to my product test, please do.

It’s so great when a product does what it claims to do, don’t you think? The 25-ounce package cleans 25 loads for $13.95. That’s 56 cents per load (less if you’ve got an HE washer, which I do). It’s made in USA for all water types. The company also makes other green cleaning products, including an odor neutralizing spray which might be good for pet beds, too. See them all at

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  1. posh pet service

    January 22, 2012 at 4:02 pm

    Thanks for this! I have a boarding salon… and am always struggling to find good cleaning products that eliminate smell


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