Lisa Woody is President of Uptown Dog Club, Inc., a Texas corporation that owns and other Internet pet properties.

Opinions expressed in this blog are solely those of Lisa Woody. Product reviews are anecdotal and are edited only for style, punctuation and spelling, not content. We welcome responses from manufacturers in the event our testers did not use the product properly or additional information can be provided.

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Our blog is not an affiliate blog (you know, the “product review” blogs set up to create links to commission-based retailers). Although we do have retail sites of our own, you’ll find that most product reviews link back to the manufacturer of the product or a retailer who’s a competitor of ours. We do not charge for product reviews. Our review products are a combination of items we see and purchase for our own pets, items we try out so we can evaluate them for our retail site, and items that are sent to us for review.


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