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Product Review: Kyjen Invincibles Dog Toy

Kyjen is a major manufacturer in the pet industry, with cool, innovative products. I’ve been impressed with their products for the past nine years. We all love to love the little guy, but this operation is one “big guy” that I have always liked. It seems they’re always trying to come up with fresh new ideas, and ways to make the old toys better. It’s sometimes frustrating for a retailer to “lose” a popular toy, but I always tell my customers to wait until it’s re-release, and that they’ll love it. That’s exactly what’s happened with the Invincibles® toys.

How tough can a plush toy get? Some dogs can’t have plush toys. Ever. I’ve had those dogs. Others need a tough one, and those are the dogs that these toys are made for.

The newest versions of Invincibles® contain reinforced, double-layered seams and Dura Tuff lining material. On the inside, the toys are stuffing-less, filled only with their patented squeakers that continue to squeak even after being punctured. Sure, no toy is tough enough to endure the most aggressive chewer. Some dogs just can’t have plush toys. But some dogs can have Invincibles®, even if they can’t have regular plush toys. And that’s good news for enthusiastic or big dogs.

Even when dogs manage to tear through the double-layered seams and Dura-Tuff™ liner, the mess is minimal thanks to their stuffing-free design. Invincibles® squeakers are specially designed to continue to squeak even after being punctured—a feature that prolongs the fun for furry friends. They are available in a variety of snake and gecko characters, and range in size from two to six squeakers.

We tested the six squeaker snake on our adolescent Shiloh Shepherd pup. She’s hard on socks, shoes, and the kids’ stuffed animals, so I wasn’t sure. My sewing basket runneth over with beloved stuffed animals in need of a few stitches, thanks to Benelli. So it was with some skepticism that I gave her the Invincibles® snake. That was two months ago. She’s still playing with it — sometimes playing tug-of-war with our 75-pound Irish Setter — and it has not a single tear, rip or puncture. I have to say, I’m impressed. She likes the floppiness of it. When it smacks her face as she shakes it, she’s positively gleeful. She carries it around the house and even sleeps with it. All in all, a major hit.

Kyjen’s line of Invincibles® retails between $10 and $20. Not cheap for a dog toy. But not expensive, either, especially when you consider how long they last. Would I rather spend $6.99 for a series of toys that my dog shreds within a day or a week or spend $20 for a toy she’ll have for years? I’ll take door # 2, Monty.

I don’t sell the Invincibles because I specialize in funny dog toys, but you can order directly from Kyjen. Or you can check out one of their retailers. My favorite is Yipeeee!, a webstore that specializes in strong dog toys.

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