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IN Diet Supplement for Dogs Product Review

IN® Supplement for Dogs Blue Label is a daily nutritional supplement formulated to provide dogs with the live enzymes, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that they require to enhance their immune system and to help keep their coat and skin in top condition.

The IN® Supplement for dogs is manufactured in the form of a semi-soft nugget that can be given as a treat. IN® is designed to be taken by dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages and can safely be administered each day for the life of the dog.

I tested the Blue Label, a new formulation for dogs with food allergies and sensitive stomachs. These maladies seem to abound these days, as most dogs spend a lifetime on grain-rich commercial foods overloaded with carbs that dogs were not designed to process in such large quantities. Corn and wheat have been replaced in this supplement with oatmeal, spinach, parsley, carrots, beets, watercress, flax seed and spinach. This is very cool because so many of us whose dogs have grain allergies search for grain-free treats, then we turn around the feed our dogs high-grain kibble and supplements.

I had recently switched our 10-year-old Irish Setter from a commercial grain-based diet to a raw protein-based diet. I had always had trouble putting weight on his ribby frame. Granted, he never going go have the sleek build of a Golden Retriever, but I did thing that it was reasonable to get him to where I couldn’t see four ribs on each side with the naked eye. I tried puppy food, the usual standby for putting weight on. No luck. He just wouldn’t eat much. Then I switched to raw and began feeding IN®. At one soft nugget per five pounds, Finnegan, who weighs 60 lbs gets 12 nuggets per day. That’s enough to sprinkle over his chicken and eggs, or use as a training treat. I worried that since he had been taken off commercial formulations and had been eating single-ingredient foods for so long, that he would turn up his nose at the nuggets. But he didn’t. He loves them. There is no need to wrap them in a piece of cheese or meat, or disguise them in any way, unlike some other supplements and vitamins.

Within 2 weeks of starting the supplements, I noticed that the dry “fringy” hair on my setter’s coat seemed to be decreasing. There was more of the silky, reddish hair, and the short haircoat on his back, shoulders and head seemed to have a better color, softer feel and less dander and “litter” on his skin. He feels so soft I can hardly keep my hands off him. Irish Setters are silky to begin with, but he’s REALLY silky now! And glossy. The guy sparkles!

The day came when we had to get him a new collar. Why? The old one was a little snug. “Wait a minute,” I said to myself. I took a step back and looked him over. Where were the ribs? I could make out one, maybe two, toward the end of his ribcage, which is just about the perfect weight for an Irish Setter. Lean, not gaunt. I took him to my veterinarian, who’s been seeing him for the past 5 years since we got him, and weighed him. He’d gained two pounds. That’s never happened. He’s been a solid 58.5 pounds since we got him as a five-year-old. Now he’s 61.2 pounds.

IN® Supplement is made for breeders and show dog owners who want a nice, healthy glow, glossy coat and “bloom” on their animals. IN® lives up to the hype. Dogs who experience skin allergies and hot spots also benefit from IN® as their skin gets healthier and calms down.

This unique formulation is rich in lecithin and is cold processed (not cooked) to preserve the effectiveness of the vitamins, omega fatty acids and nutrients.  The lecithin and cod liver oil in the supplements have a wonderful affect on the skin and coat, and the vitamins promote a healthy immune system and overall wellness. Read the case reports from Columbia University (scroll down to “Case Reports”). They’re fascinating.

Today, Finnegan has plenty of energy, but it’s not the frantic, anxious energy he had before (from too many carbs, no doubt). He is alert and interested in what’s around him, but he can still focus and relax. He’s affectionate, balanced, energetic and happy.

One thing that professional product testers dread is testing a product and not seeing much of a difference. I did not have this problem with the IN® Supplement. I will be continuing to feed this supplement to my dog(s) from now on. I will purchase more when the large sample jar is empty and never be without it again. It works. It’s great.

In a word … superb.

Manufactured by In Pet Supplements ( In 2, 4 and 6.75 pound jars, starting at $16.75. 100% guaranteed by the family-owned company that has been making it for 25 years and selling it around the world. Also available: INhancer Hip and Joint Formula, IN Supplement for Cats, and Leciderm shampoo.


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