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The Next Big Thing

Think about the cool new products that have taken the retail market by storm. Most of them have one thing in common: They were started by consumers just like you and me who saw a need and stepped in to develop a product to meet that need. They took a risk, they worked diligently on a solution, they tirelessly marketed the final product, and soon, momentum increased.

Just ask Marie Moody, founder of Stella & Chewy’s, or Pasha Cook, founder of All-Natural Pet Delivery, or Tabitha Washington, inventor of the Treatstik. These people and others have taken a rock-star idea and made it happen. And with today’s technology, it’s easier than ever before.

Websites like allow people with great ideas to get funding for them. Sean Kelly, founder of Redogulous Labs, has a very cool idea for a dog collar that uses wireless technology (and a bunch of other cutting edge tech) to let your dog communicate with you during the day via your smartphone. You can track how long your dog sleeps (or barks at the window) while you’re at work, how much he chases the cat, how many calories he burns on his daily walks with you, and much more.

Love the idea? Contribute your feedback and — more important — your dollars here. Even $5 can help a great idea get off the ground.

Got a great idea of your own? Get started today, and remember, necessity is the mother of invention (and financing is the father)! If you like, tell us an idea that you think would make a great  product for dogs.


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Dog Population


Interesting facts about dog population, courtesy of “Amazing Dog Facts and Trivia,” by Ryan O’Meara (Chartwell Books, Inc.):

  • There are an estimated 400 million dogs in the world (for perspective, there are about 300 million people living in the USA).
  • The countries with the highest dog populations per capita are the USA and France, with an average of one dog per three families.
  • The countries with the fewest pet dogs per capita are Germany and Switzerland, with an average of one dog per ten families.
  • There are more dogs living in Seattle and San Francisco than there are children.
  • There are more dogs living in London than there are people living in the entire country of Norway.

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