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Best Dog Coupon Sites

Hey! Saving money and shopping for your dog, what could be better? Some of the best dog supplies coupon sites are big coupon machines, and some are lesser-known sites and blogs. Here’s a sampling of the best sites for dog products coupons that I’ve found, in no particular order.

Now THAT’s something to smile about!

  • – A U.K. site, this big player offers pet coupons good in the USA as well. Coupons are divided up by type of pet, so it’s easy to clear out the distractions of cat and bird deals if you only have dogs. They’re very user-friendly; they give you the coupon code, the expiration date, and a link to the sponsoring company’s website so you can start shopping without having to create an account first. 
  • – This site also breaks down coupons by type of pet. Plus, they also have information on how many of their followers have used the coupon successfully. I love this feature, but it’s so frustrating to find a coupon code and then not be able to get it to work.
  • – This site divides the coupon codes up so you can really zone in on what you’re looking for. Try Pet Supplies, Dog Food or Pet Toys.
  • – This site has mobile coupons (no printing – yay!), social sales and more. Coupons are free to use (no membership required) and once you click for the coupon code, they redirect you to the site so you can start shopping. They also include store loyalty program coupons, if you have a loyalty program card/membership. Plus (and this is only important if you’re a digital geek) they’ve got the best, most inviting design of all of the coupon sites. And they have a killer blog.
  • – Okay, you do have to create an account with this one and fork over your email address, but if you do (and tell them how big your dogs are), they’ll send you emails with deals to fit your dogs. It’s a Groupon-style layout and concept. They tell you which deals are ending soon. And it’s all doggy stuff — no fish, fowl or feline coupons. Check the deals, though. One deal was for $12 (regularly $17). But I carry that product on my website and my ordinary, everyday price was $11.99 with the normal markup. There are tons of other offers that were incredible markdowns, but on these types of offers, it’s safer to shop around to make sure the “deal” is a deal.
  • – These guys try the coupon codes to make sure they work. If you have a favorite retailers, you can find it alphabetically and see how many coupons they have. They have some of the better-known online retailers, plus a few smaller guys. I discovered a new store called that I’d never seen before. Cool.

Coupon sites to avoid:

  • – Most pages redirect to a request for your email address, or that you sign up for the RSS feed. Only one deal is shown above this persistent request. Not sure from the layout if it’s a blog or a regular coupon site. Wasn’t able to tell the difference between “My Pet Savings” and “Modern Pet Savings” or why those should be two different navigation tabs. Outdated home pages shows a graphic for an overstock sale from two months ago. Hmmmm … 
  • – The left-hand rail is jam-packed with keywork-stuffed text that’s meaningless and distracting to shoppers (and doesn’t fool Google’s bots one bit). Coupons can be vaguely phrased. For example, one coupon said a certain brand of dog food was “on sale.” I clicked the link and found three coupons from the same store: $5 off, 10% off and On Sale. Unremarkable savings, junky layout and confusing navigation. Skip it.

Please note that not all pages or coupons may still be active by the time you read this list.

What are your favorite coupon sites? Give ’em a shout out (and share the love with other dog owners) in the comments below.

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