PuppyFlix: for the Dog Video Junkie

10 Jun

PuppyFlix_LogoI just can’t resist a photo or video of a cute dog or puppy. I mean really, who can? Well, now there’s PuppyFlix, the great new website with nothing but great dog videos. This is so great, I may have to start packing a lunch so I can look at these during my lunch hour.

The site was developed after receiving a lot of positive feedback from fans on the company’s first website, KittyFlix. Soon after the dog-friendly team decided that they had to make PuppyFlix, the site became very popular. Here’s what some of the site’s visitors are saying:

“I have now looked through almost every slide show on the site and am in love! What could be better than looking through hilarious and cute pictures of dogs all day, while learning a little something about them?”

“This is a great page! It’s nice to see pictures of dogs with different animals makes me laugh and smile…THANK YOU”

boudin2“‘I love KittyFlix and am sooo glad you made PuppyFlix!”

“Our goal is to build a community by educating, entertaining, and connecting fans through articles, videos and pictures,” says PuppyFlix’s John Logue, who invites our blog readers to send in their dog videos (which you can do here.)  When your JOB is cute and funny dog videos, how do you pick a favorite? We asked John, and here’s the link he sent. Check it out:

After each video plays, the site serves up three more videos you might like (YouTube-style). They also put them into categories such as “Sleepy,” “Grumpy,” “Clumsy,” and others, so you can find more like the ones you love. Once you start watching and laughing and saying “Awwwww” and re-tweeting, it could be a while before you come up for air.

My favorite? This one.

Note: do not go to PuppyFlix while you’re browing ground beef. Just saying.

Visit often, and get your daily dose of cute.


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