Product Review: Orijen Dog Treats

27 May

“Your dog is a carnivore.” This is a very sensible statement from the back of the Orijen package. Dogs are designed to thrive on whole pray such as game, fish and fowl. In a natural state, dogs are equipped to hunt and scavenge meat, and do not naturally consume grains, fruits, vegetables or other food sources except what might be in the digestive tracts of their prey.

Orijen treats are made with 100% meat, poultry or fish, freeze dried in the company’s own kitchens (never outsourced), without cooking and without preservatives. The only preservative is that it is dried, which helps it last long enough for the retailers to get it, put it on the shelf, and sell it to shoppers.

We tested the Alberta Wild Boar flavor, which contains boar meat and boar from boar raised free-range on Alberta, Canada’s fertile woodland farms. Sounds healthy and tasty, doesn’t it? The treats smell natural without smelling strong.

Wild Boar dog treats

Our test dogs found the treats to be delicious. I used them to drill recalls on an older puppy who isn’t so good at coming when called. We were at a lake, and she was off the leash. I put her in a sit before I let her go, and gave her one of these treats. Then she was free to roam. I called her and gave her another one, and that’s all it took. Every time I prepared to do another recall, I would open the resealable zip-top bag (which keeps the treats fresh) and get one out. Then I would turn around and take a breath to call her. But there she’d be, at my feet, having heard the bag open. Ha! She could hear that bag open at 100 paces. Can you imagine how tasty a treat has to be to tear a puppy away from the wonders of a lake? All that sand, mud, dead fish to roll on, water to splash on, turkeys to chase, high grass to explore …. she came a’running when she heard that bag.

The retailer indicates that there are about 40 pieces in a 2 ounce bag. However, I think this is a conservative number. I have been feeding these treats for a few days, and I still have 40 pieces in the bag. I would have estimated 55 – 60 pieces. But it’s good to know that they’re not overestimating. You’ll get at least 40 pieces in your bag. These are great for training treats because they can be eaten by small or large dogs in a single bite, which helps you hold the dog’s focus (any treat that the dog has to stop and chew up, dropping pieces on the floor, can interrupt your momentum, especially when teaching something new).

I like that they don’t leave my hands stinky and messy. I mean, hot dogs are very motivating to dogs, but yuck! Who wants that sticky mess on your hands? Kibble just isn’t very interesting, at least to my dogs. So these are perfect. I’m going to get some to give to my trainer friends.

These treats are all meat, no fillers. That’s how our dogs want to eat, how they’re equipped to survive. These treats are dried, but still a little soft.

Available at: We love Chewy because they have an auto-ship feature so you can get your treats delivered on a regular schedule, and never run out again.

Price: 2 oz bag (40 pieces): $7.99, 3.5 oz bag (80 pieces): $12.99


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3 responses to “Product Review: Orijen Dog Treats

  1. Dog Boarding Toronto

    May 27, 2013 at 8:48 pm

    Love this! Another great idea is to use a dehydrator – we dry chicken, liver, sweet potato, etc and the dogs love it!

  2. Sarah

    June 15, 2013 at 4:06 pm

    Thanks for the info about Orijen Dog Treats, I just found your blog and love it.

  3. Peter

    September 2, 2013 at 1:54 pm

    My dog loves 100% meat treats – in fact I’ve never met a dog that wouldn’t do a trick for a real meat treat


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