Product Review: Snaps Collars

01 Apr

snapscollarspinkblackHere’s a cool idea for a customizable, changeable pet collar. It’s called SNAPS (TM). It’s a collar and interchangeable snap system with tons of fun snaps to add, combine and switch out whenever you like. (Sorry for the red dog hair on the black collar in the photo. I actually do test these products on my own dogs.)

24 themes, five designs each, ranging from holidays to causes, regional to animals, bugs to flowers. They come in sets of 10 (two each of five designs) and the collars have 10 solid brass, nickel-plated snap studs on them. The great thing is that you can buy the snaps individually, so you can choose two from this group and one from that group. You could put together a sort of charm bracelet of your dog’s favorite thin


The collars come in two options: leather or nylon. Nylon collars are available in black, red or pink; leather collars are black. They come in four sizes to fit necks 8″ to 22″. gs by cherry-picking which snaps you like. With over a hundred designs, ou’ll find plenty of choices. All snaps fit any size collar.

The snap ornaments are silk screen painted brass, which holds up very well to chipping and scratching. They have a high tension socket for a secure fit. They need firm pressure to put them on, and I found my fingers fatiguing after I had put a few on. But then I used the heel of my hand and they went on quite easily. I don’t mind pushing hard though; I don’t want them to fall off while my dog is scratching her neck at the dog park. Nor would I want one dog to be able to chew them off the collar of the other dog when they’re playing. These snaps are REALLY on there!

SNAPS (TM) features a unique way to create the perfect fashion accessory to highlight your dog’s personality and charm, to to give him/her a a distinctive style for the holidays. There’s even a birthday collection!


This is such a clever idea! I used to have a different collar for Christmas, summer, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day (I have an Irish Setter), and Halloween. Now, all I have to do is swap out the ornaments for a totally new look. It’s a snap!

Product Name: Snaps

Cost: Leather collars with 10 studs, $14.99 – 17.99 each, nylon collars with 10 studs, $12.99 – $14.99 each. Ornamental snaps: .90 each or $8.99 for a set of 10.

Where to buy:


One response to “Product Review: Snaps Collars

  1. Serena

    April 9, 2013 at 6:33 am

    When I started reading this my first thought was cute…but will they come off? I’m so glad you told us how firmly they snap on. I was concerned about the snaps coming off in your dog’s mouth but you’ve totally covered that! Thanks.


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