Cratewear Product Review

30 Apr

Crates get a bad rap sometimes. People call them “cages” and many dog owners don’t like using them. But that’s because they don’t understand dog behavior and the important role crates play in a dog’s life. Dogs love to climb into a small space where their back is protected from ambush, where they can see everything from a good vantage point, where they can sleep in a clean and comfortable nest, and where familiar surroundings create a space of their own. In the wild, this is usually a cave or den or burrow of some kind. In our modern world, it’s a crate. Dogs who are not fortunate enough to have their “own room” in a crate often create a safe space somewhere else, such as under a sofa, behind a chair or table, or under a bed. Pet owners who use dog crates often find their dogs sleeping in their crates voluntarily.

Why not give your dog the cozy little room he or she wants? And Cratewear is absolutely essential in creating a comfy den out of an ordinary crate. The original 3-piece set includes a mattress for the bottom of the crate, a bumper around the sides (like a baby bumper for a crib) and a cover for the top and 3 sides. The bumper stays on with Velcro strips that attach on the outside of the crate, so there’s no itchy part for the dog to lean up against. It comes off easily for cleaning, as do the cover and mattress. The cover does not tie, snap or fasten in any way, so you just lift it off on laundry day. It couldn’t be more simple.

Cratewear is the original crate cover set. Started in 1999, the company specializes in decorator crate sets to make your dog’s crate more comfortable and more stylish in your home. It comes in both cotton and plush fabrics, for both front-opening and side-opening crates.

I purchased two sets of Cratewear for my large dogs. They were both khaki because I like to be able to look inside the crate and see if the dog is in there. I had a black dog at the time, and I thought a dark color would make it hard to see if she was there.

The Cratewear fit the crates perfectly. We feed our dogs in their crates, so I need to wash the Cratewear often. After four years and many washings, it STILL fits the crates perfectly. The contrast white piping and light khaki color still look great and I have never had to iron it. Since our crates are in the dining room, I would iron it if needed, to make it look crisp and nice. But as long as I remove it promptly from the drier, I have never had to. Between washings, dog hair comes off easily with a lint brush or lint tape, at least on the cotton fabric. I haven’t tried the plush fabric (shown as pink set) but I would expect it to show the quality and durability that other products from this company exhibit.

The dogs loved the Cratewear from the start. They went right in. You’d think that after they’d gotten used to the same crates for years, they’d be hesitant once I’d tinkered with them by adding a bunch of stuff. But they didn’t. They couldn’t wait to get inside. They climbed in, turned around and lay down before I’d even got the bumper all the way on. There they sat as I put the cover on and they didn’t even get up when I pushed the crates back against the wall.  I didn’t see either one of them for hours. I leave the doors open on the dogs’ crates when they’re not eating. We often come home to find them in their crates, snoozing.

The Cratewear looks fantastic. If you’re still draping a bath towel or sheet over your dog’s crate, put that tired old thing into retirement and get some Cratewear now! It looks so much more tailored and polished. And there are lots of great colors and patterns to choose from. Whether you’ve got a diva dog who must have her Cheetah fabric or a laid-back dude who’s happy  in olive cotton, there’s a fabric for every home and every doggie personality.

When we adopted the 3 kids, there was a period of six months where we had a LOT of people coming to our home every week. Plus friends, neighbors and family. Nearly everyone who comes to our home for the first time comments on the dog crates. “That’s ingenious.” “That looks so cool.” “What a neat idea.”

I agree.

Sizes:  XS – XXL (you measure your crate from front to back to determine size)

Retail Price: $40 – $110

Manufacturer: Pet Dreams –

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  1. Cash Warren

    January 9, 2013 at 5:48 pm

    I love it. Great idea.


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