Doggie Did Product Review

13 Apr

Doggie Did is the latest entry into the market to manage dog poop for the dog owner. The idea is that as a dog owner, you’re always having to bring bags – either full or empty – on your daily walks with your dog. Doggie Did holds the bag, so you don’t have to. The small attachment goes on your leash, whether you’re using a retractable leash or a flat nylon leash. It holds your doggie doo bags, freeing up a hand for keys, phone, administering training cues/treats, or just a neighborly wave.

It’s a cool idea, and I especially like the fact that it can go on any leash. It’s made of a rubbery plasticy material that’s a bit pliable, but very rigid. I did not get the Doggie Did onto my leash with as much ease as the gal in the video. But you don’t have to take it off and put it on repeatedly, so once I got it on, it was a non-issue. And I knew it would stay on. For those with a web or nylon leash, you just slide the leash through the top part and attach the clip to keep it tight. This is a nice feature; you can position the Doggie Did at any point on the leash that’s most convenient for you. My neighbor who uses a coupler with two dogs might place it at a different point than I would, for example.

Doggie Did does indeed hold securely a pickup bag that’s full. In fact, it holds several, even those used to clean up after big dogs. It holds securely, yet does not rip the pickup bags once you’re home and ready to discard them. It’s weather-proof and lightweight. I’ve begun to carry a stash of empty pickup bags in it, too. My dog uses a yard, so walks for him are mostly for mental and physical exercise, and he doesn’t always conduct his business on his walks. Because of that, I don’t always have a bag with me. And when he DOES drop a bomb, I’m sometimes stuck without a bag, which means retracing my steps after I get home so I can go back and clean up after him. Now, I always have bags at the ready.

Doggie Did should be a welcome aid to those whose dogs pull, those who are training their dogs, apartment dwellers who have to walk (and pick up after) their dogs multiple times a day, and anyone who could use an extra hand.

At $5.99, the Doggie Did is an excellent value. It is well-designed, well-made and seems like it will last forever. In six fashion colors. To learn more, visit

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One response to “Doggie Did Product Review

  1. Richard Groves

    April 13, 2012 at 7:16 am

    This is realy great! No mess


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