Doxies help NZ Become More Doggie

20 Aug

In New Zealand, where dog ownership among residents is only 25% (compared to 65% in the USA) Dachshunds are becoming very popular, according to an ABC report. Why? Because they’re clean, small and portable. Plus, they act much bigger than they are.  Kiwis are a very horsy set, too, which is a natural for winer dogs (just go to any English riding competition and you’ll see them cavorting with Jack Russells and Corgis galore).

 Go, little Doxies, go!

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Posted by on August 20, 2007 in In the News


One response to “Doxies help NZ Become More Doggie

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    August 18, 2009 at 4:12 pm

    Awesome, now let’s get that percent at least near 50 New Zealand.
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